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The name Maïell was inspired by the word combination of Maïa & Hillel.

They randomly met in Paris in October 2018. Maïell  became official in 2019

after presenting their exhibition called A portrait of Tel Aviv.

Since then, they focus on both Photography and Video and creating short documentaries and fiction films between France and Israel. 

Hillel Ben-Zeev Perlov & Maïa Aboualiten
Maïa Aboualiten
Hillel Ben-Zeev Perlov
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2023  Artistic residence - Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation - Arles, France

2022  The inPrint Art Book Fair - Jerusalem

2021  Foreign Bodies Introduction - duo Exhibition - Karine Meyer Gallery, Arles

Curated by Maïell

2021  Research Lab - Liebling Haus, Tel Aviv

2021  The Photobook Group Exhibition - Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv

Curated by Danielle Gorodendzik

2020   Rea Print Fair - Rea Print House, Tel Aviv, Jaffa

2020   All Analogue - Group Exhibition - Tel Aviv 

Curated by Noam Friedman 

2020  A Portrait of Tel Aviv - duo Exhibition - Hakrechtz Gallery, Jaffa

Curated by Maïell

bird maiell.png
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